How to get famous on YouTube [$]

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youtube-boxesHow do you get famous on YouTube?
According to the folks at How To Buy YouTube Views it’s a three step process:

  • Make a Noise: Create regular posts on topical themes.
  • Go to Gatherings: Network in real life with other YouTube personalities at every level.
  • Get Featured: YouTube Editors are always on the lookout for unique and relevant talent to highlight on the site. Foster positive feedback from the community and it could be you!

One way to help people find your videos and increase your profile on the video sharing site is to buy YouTube views.  But what you may not know is that there are a variety of different types of views in which you can invest:

  • Real Views
  • Referer Views
  • Targeted Views

The folks at can help you understand the difference, choose the options that will achieve your goals, and even assist you with increasing your video Likes, Comments, Favorites, and channel Subscribers.

The How To Buy YouTube Views service operates worldwide and their service can deliver global or highly targeted local views. They offer a variety of a la carte options, but they can combine them into customized promotional packs depending on your individual need.

If you have any questions or trouble, provides 24/7 help via their online support team.

Buying Youtube views can help your online ranking and isn’t a risky practice if done properly by professionals. They never use bots or mobile scripts, and your campaign can be launched in as little as 1-4 days.

Visit to sign-up for their free informational newsletter and read their complete online guide to How To Get Famous on YouTube.


Fund your next project with CrowdT

Everyone how historically important t-shirts have been as relatively inexpensive advertising vehicles to designed to turn wearers into walking billboards promoting a company’s logo and message to the general public. I actually consider t-shirts one of the very first expressions of “social media”.  But anyone printing t-shirts and giving them away for promotional use also knows that t-shirt rates have increased and promotional budgets have decreased – but the need for engaging promotional ideas has not dwindled.

That’s why I am sharing a website called CrowdT with you. It is a twist on the traditional “crowdfunding” site that puts shirt designs in the hands of people who like the graphic or message so much that they are willing to fund their creation by financially supporting the production of the printed t-shirts out of their own pockets. Think of it as a or exclusively for t-shirts.

CrowdT allows anyone to create a free account and design a shirt imprint using the site’s online tools or by uploading an image of their own creation.  Set your goal of the number of shirts you want to sell to successfully fund the project (a minimum of 50 shirts is required) and the website tells you how much money you’ll earn if you reach your goal.

Rather than just posting a simple shirt design and hoping the public funds it, some ideas worth consider are having multiple representatives within your company each design a shirt for charity and have CrowdT supporters vote (with their wallets) to choose the best design while raising donations.  Design shirts featuring images of local landmarks, or colorful local catch phrases and vernacular to create a limited edition “Locals” series. Or get really creative and goal-focused by featuring song titles or lyrics or names of bands members to raise enough from the sale of shirts to bring them to your town for a private concert – attended exclusively by the shirt-funders.

Visit to create a free account and launch your first project!


Refresh Your Customer Insights

In a past article I shared a client information tool called Rapportive that works within your Gmail inbox. It’s a great tool and functions wonderfully on your desktop or laptop while sending and receiving email – but it’s not as useful when you’re on the go and meeting people at business events, sales calls, or even social gatherings.

This is where you need Refresh.

Refresh easily syncs with your iPhone’s calendar to find people you’re meeting with and provides tailored insights in the form of a personal dossier collected by filtering that individual’s public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, and even their personal and business blogs.

You can even schedule just-in-time alerts and have Refresh send you information to review about the people you’ll be meeting in your next appointment, or simply type a new name into the search bar to have Refresh deliver a profile on-demand.

You can also add meeting notes into the Refresh profile for future reference, or link it to your Evernote account to see any notes you have about the company or the person saved from past projects in your Evernote notebooks.

Never talk about the weather again!

Is it more valuable to talk about the latest sports scandal or to let them know you read their latest white paper on the changes happening in their industry? How about knowing where to hold your next lunch meeting because you can see they have a favorite restaurant on Foursquare?

Refresh does just aggregate social data, it adds context to those facts – revealing rich insights into the person you’re meeting and suggesting actionable talking points.

Refresh is free to download and use on your iPhone right now, and you can sign-up to receive an alert as soon as the Android version is released.


Rapportive – The Customer Data Dashboard

How would like to have up to date client information accessible and in view everytime you send them an email, or they send an email to you?

Rapportive is an information aggregation tool that gathers information about your contacts directly from inside your Gmail account. Not everybody uses Gmail for their daily communication, but most everybody HAS a Gmail account simply because they use so many of Google’s tools that require a Gmail account for log-in.

Rapportive is a free extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. Once installed, the information Rapportive gathers will display inside Gmail whenever you are reading or composing a message. It doesn’t take up any additional screen space as it replaces the AdWords that normally appear on the right-side of the window (you weren’t looking at those ads anyway!)

Once you open an email Rapportive begins combing the web for information and links related to the sender’s email address and displaying it to the right of the message. If you’re composing a message, the search begins when you enter the email of your intended recipient. There is even a technique you can use within Rapportive to effectively guess the email of someone you’re trying to connect with (perfect for finding that prospect’s email you haven’t been able to uncover!)

Rapportive gathers the information from public profile sources like Facebook, Flickr, Google Profiles, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and then displays the data within the email window. You’ll usually see their social network links and latest updates along with a profile photo.

Your entire sales team should be using this!


 Right now Rapportive only works inside of Gmail, but even if you simply use it to find info on your clients and then flip back to your preferred email service to send the actual message, I think you’ll find Rapportive a powerful research tool.

Download this SalesToy at


WebinarJam Session

Have you ever attended a web-based seminar or “webinar”?
Have you ever wanted to host (and profit!) from one of your own?

There are a multitude of high-priced monthly webinar systems to consider. Webex, GoToWebinar, Marketo, etc. Their prices vary greatly (but all of them are pretty pricey) and they can get even more expensive based on how many people attend your session.

There are also a lot of free options, but these are either clumsy to use, have limited features, or contain advertising being foisted upon your attendees (as well as you, the Presenter.)

Enter WebinarJam

WebinarJam is the first affordable, easy-to-use, full-featured webinar system that can have you up and running within just a few minutes — all for a single, low, annual payment.

There are no limits to the attendees, there are no limits to the number of webinars you can host, you can make recorded replays available, and you can either make your webinars free or charge a fee for attendance.

The other feature I really like is the ability to insert special offers, open browser links, and even schedule mobile text-message reminders about your webinar to send to registrants.

Click through to see the current price (it was less than $300 for unlimited annual use the last time I checked) and to see a video demo and walk-through of the primary WebinarJam features.