Make It Rain!

Make It Rain!

Salespeople love to celebrate.

From ringing a bell in the office to shouting positive exclamations (YES!) to ringing a cash register, being able to celebrate the victory of a closed sale is a huge part of the sales process. Many times this positive emotional release may be the only thing that keeps a salesperson going — they could slog through a hundred cold calls and facing NOs and hang-ups and “take me off your list” and sad trombone responses before they ever even get to make an appointment — let alone close a deal.

Here’s a fun sales toy that will make quick mini-celebrations easier for your sales team and yourself.

Make it rain money on your websiteVisiting the website and clicking the big yellow button in the middle of the black screen will make thousands of dollars rain down inside the web page. Even better (at least if you use the Chrome browser) is the free browser extension that allows you to click a button in your browser bar and make it rain money on ANY website.

Load your company website in the browser and make it rain every time you close a deal, load the website of the customer who just bought and see your commission dollars rain down over top of the client logo who just paid your rent for the month, or enter the URL of that new car you want to buy or the hotel where you’re planning your next vacation and make it rain the money you’re contributing to your goals.

sound-button01The only thing I think is missing from this web-based sales toy is a sound effect. When I see those dollars dropping from the sky I want to hear a loud “CHA-CHING!” of the cash register or raucous applause or a huge cheer from a crowd. The good news is that you can buy a button programmed with whatever sound you like and press it for an on-demand rally cry of encouragement or primal scream of victory. Just head over to the “Search The Toy Box” link and enter the term “sound button” to find several versions in a variety of price ranges (I especially like the one connected to a business card holder.)

Sales is hard work, but you gotta make time to have a little fun.


Awesome Biz Gift: Some Assembly Required

Awesome Biz Gift: Some Assembly Required

A very cool imprinted promotional product infused with a little extra creativity from cartoonist Mark Anderson at is transformed into a fun, interactive, and memorable client gift.

One of the recipients, Anita Campbell of Small Biz Trends, was kind enough to share Mark’s gift online via SlideShare and YouTube. Once I saw it, I immediately knew I needed to share it here on

Mark Anderson has conceived and executed an ideal example of an effective Sales Toy. Check out the embed below and see if you agree!

If you’re interested in using LEGO blocks to create your own interactive promotional gift campaign, click over to the ToyBox page and search for “LEGOS”.

Quick and Cheap Landing Pages

I just invested in a very cool sales toy for myself and I wanted to recommend it to the rest of you (we all love to play with cool new toys, right?) The toy is call Landing Page Monkey and it pretty much makes the creation of landing pages for your ebook, product launch, consulting services, special offers, etc. so easy that a monkey could do it.


I’ve seen all sorts of different offers and pricing options for launch page creation tools ranging from high-cost one-time investments to almost equally expensive monthly recurring costs or membership fees. There are one or two free tools out there, but they limit the number of sign-ups you can collect at the free level (what’s the point??)

Landing Page Monkey launched earlier this week and they have exclusive introductory pricing that is only valid for the next few days and then the price goes up.  It’s super easy to use (you can watch a demo page below) but just as importantly it is available for a beyond-reasonable (one-time!) price — it’s less than $30 (but only for the next few days!)

As of today (12/6/2014) the countdown clock on their site says the price will only stay at this level for another 5 days (and then it potentially shoots up to the full retail price of $197). The discounted one-time payment includes lifetime updates and upgrades, so they don’t appear to be holding anything back at all!

If you want it, you better get it NOW.

I just purchased my own access yesterday and haven’t had a chance to build out a personal page yet (I’m finishing up a new book in the next couple weeks and plan to use it for that launch – so stay tuned), but the demo video below shows you how easy it is to create your own landing page in just a minute or two. (Be sure to check out the fact you can use VIDEO for the page background – so cool!!!) Lots of tracking and analytics options to boot. For $29.95 how can you go wrong?

Click here to see the rest of the offer details or to buy your copy before the price increases.

Demo Video

How to Pitch Anything in 15 Seconds with a Message Map

Forbes contributing writer and author of “Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top MindsCarmine Gallo posted this super quick video (it’s actually a little over 4 minutes long but it only feels like 2 minutes – the information is THAT compelling) on how to craft a completely custom 15-second pitch for a corporate or personal brand in just a couple minutes.

If you hate the word “pitch” call it a personal commercial, elevator speech, or whatever — Gallo’s formula is simple to learn, easy to execute, and might even provide a bit of extra help for those of us who tend to think a little more visually than others.  Check it out in the video below (and then go try it out for yourself!)


How to get famous on YouTube [$]

[$] Today’s post is a sponsored article from

youtube-boxesHow do you get famous on YouTube?
According to the folks at How To Buy YouTube Views it’s a three step process:

  • Make a Noise: Create regular posts on topical themes.
  • Go to Gatherings: Network in real life with other YouTube personalities at every level.
  • Get Featured: YouTube Editors are always on the lookout for unique and relevant talent to highlight on the site. Foster positive feedback from the community and it could be you!

One way to help people find your videos and increase your profile on the video sharing site is to buy YouTube views.  But what you may not know is that there are a variety of different types of views in which you can invest:

  • Real Views
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The folks at can help you understand the difference, choose the options that will achieve your goals, and even assist you with increasing your video Likes, Comments, Favorites, and channel Subscribers.

The How To Buy YouTube Views service operates worldwide and their service can deliver global or highly targeted local views. They offer a variety of a la carte options, but they can combine them into customized promotional packs depending on your individual need.

If you have any questions or trouble, provides 24/7 help via their online support team.

Buying Youtube views can help your online ranking and isn’t a risky practice if done properly by professionals. They never use bots or mobile scripts, and your campaign can be launched in as little as 1-4 days.

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