What’s Your Favorite Sales Podcast?

A great way to get better at the game of sales is to play with better salespeople. You don’t get better at chess or poker by playing against people you can already beat. You want to pit yourself against opponents who have earned advanced status so that you can learn from them. Sure, it can be a humbling experience to get your butt kicked — but you’ll be able to kick more butt in the long run if you expose yourself to winning strategies and new techniques.

One of the easiest ways to pick-up advanced strategies, techniques, and new ideas in the field of Sales is to connect with the top performers virtually via podcast interviews.

If you’re not familiar with term “podcast” in this day and age, you need to crawl out of that cave you’ve been living in and get back out into the world. We have awesome new things like The Wheel and Fire now. Seriously. If you don’t know what a podcast is — I can’t help you. I’d tell you to go Google it, but you probably don’t know what that means either.

For those of you who do know what a podcast is, you’re probably already tuned in to some pretty awesome shows about sales and selling — and here’s where we can help each other. You probably know about a show I haven’t discovered yet, and I may know about a how or two that you’d absolutely love (if you knew about it).

So let’s help each other out!

I created the survey below to help capture the very favorite can’t miss/can’t skip podcasts about sales and selling. Just fill in the blanks with your very favorite sales show (just one – THE best sales podcast you know about) along with the name of the host, show link, the reason it’s your favorite (and you can even include your top must-listen episode). I will collect all the submissions and publish them in a combined list of favorite sales podcasts as nominated by salespeople. Then we’ll all have a list of highly recommend shows and episodes we can listen to in order to get better at this game of sales.

Fill in the form below to submit a show and feel free to share this link with any other salespeople you know — the more people who fill out the form, the more show recommendations we’ll have to choose from!

Oh, and if you have your own podcast about sales and selling, do not recommend your own show! Once you add the details of someone else’s show that you like on the first part of the survey, you have an opportunity to add your own show details at the end of the form.

Scroll down to complete the embedded survey form below or click here to open the sales podcast survey in its own browser tab.

Share your favorite sales podcast today!