Running The Numbers

The only thing more fun than thinking about how you’re going to spend your commission check is calculating how much revenue you can earn and profits you can grow by tweaking the numbers a bit.

A small increase in the sale can mean the difference between making or missing your goals at the end of the month. Knowing how much profit is built into each product or service you sell can mean the difference between your company staying in (or going out of!) business.

Here is a collection of online calculators I’ve been collecting over the years. Some help you figure out your commission, some help you calculate profit, some are geared toward retail mark-up, others are for breaking down the marketing campaign revenues, cost-per-advertising-impression, and calculating Return On Investment.

As much fun as you’ll have entering your own numbers and seeing how much you have to sell in order to earn enough for that trip to Hawaii, spend an equal amount of time running your customer’s numbers and seeing exactly how they profit from investing in you and your offer.

All things being equal (#seewhatididthere?) your customers don’t care how much (or how little) your commission check is as long as their numbers add up.

Here is a list of online calculator links

  • Sales Appointment Calculator (Find out how many sales calls it really takes to earn your dream income level!)
  • Percentage Calculator (Figure out percentages frontward and backward, up and down.)
  • Mark-up Calculator (Set realistic retail prices based on your actual cost and revenue goals.)
  • Time Savings Calculator (You’ll be amazed how quickly time adds up if you simply save 10 minutes per day!)
  • Find Your Hourly Rate (Helps you calculate hourly wages based on expenses, earnings, billable hours, etc.)
  • CPM Calculator (I used this one on a daily basis during my tenure as Digital Sales Manager for a media company.)
  • Webmaster Calculators (CPM, CPC, AdWords, Page View Value, Click Value, etc.Great for digital marketing sellers.)
  • Digital Marketing Calculator (Use this to find suggested digital marketing spends based on business type, time frame, target market, and annual revenues.)
  • Miscellaneous Calculators (Weights and measures, standard to metric, file size conversion, lots of fun stuff!)
  • Math Calculators (Sample size, decimal-to-fraction, decimal-to-percent, ration-to-percent, etc. )
  • Financial Calculators (Mortgage, interest, dividends, ROI, credit card payments, and more.)
  • Calculator Soup (Calculators of every type and kind — a great collection)

Bookmark this page so you can return whenever you need a quick link to a calculator. I will continue to add new calculators as I find them. If you have a favorite online calculator, leave a link to it in the comments below along with a line or two about how you found it of value.

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