Networking Email Templates is a collection of email templates covering a myriad of networking situations. Email topic themes include how to ask an industry leader for advice; cold email alumni; follow up with someone you met at an event; effective LinkedIn connection request notes; and following up with someone if you don’t hear back.

Everyone talks about how important networking is, especially if you’re searching for a new job, want to expand your professional contacts, or increase your influence and reach within an industry. However, far fewer people provide insight into exactly HOW are you supposed to grow and cultivate that network.

How do you email your old and existing contacts without sounding needy or like a sleazy salesperson? provides the solution.
The site is a collection of great pre-written email templates that cover any number of scenarios, including how to:

  • Cold emails to school alumni and past co-workers
  • Follow-up with someone you met in-person at an event
  • Craft effective notes to accompany your LinkedIn connection requests
  • Follow-up on unanswered calls and emails
  • Request advice from an industry leader
  • Ask your network for a job interview
  • …and many more!

The initial set of templates were sourced from people in the site creator’s own personal network (colleagues, friends and friends-of-friends who went to business school, etc.) as well as from personal emails he received. There are new templates being adding to the list every week and every template includes insight into what makes the email so effective in order to help you craft better custom emails of your own.

Each of the featured emails has amazing copy and actually worked (i.e. got an interview, a response, etc.) and every template has been tweaked to increase its effectiveness and made anonymous so that the original names and companies are confidential. The templates are tagged by theme keywords, making topics quick and easy to find.

Visit today and give it a try.